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Portfolio Manager was created by Kathleen Bokrossy, RDH and Beth Ryerse, RDH, two individuals who are sincerely dedicated to the profession of dental hygiene.

 Kathleen practiced clinically for many years. Recognizing some of the opportunities to advance the profession and improve the patient experience through education and instrument maintenance, Kathleen chose to move into the dental hygiene services field. Operating a number of successful businesses, Kathleen’s commitment has been consistent and clear. She realized that a focused, day to day attention to best practice through education and diligence ensures that dental hygienists continue to grow and flourish in their profession, while providing the highest quality of care for their patients.

Through her interaction with hundreds of dental hygienists, Kathleen became aware of a common concern regarding Quality Assurance and continuous education. This concern was the foundation for the development of a program to help with the process of maintaining a Professional Portfolio while providing the necessary resources and support to guide on-going professional development.

Beth also practiced clinically for many years and then chose to follow her passion for education. She has lectured extensively in Canada and the United States and taught at an accredited Dental Hygiene school.

Recognizing the need for Quality Assurance and consistency in the hygiene profession, Beth developed a course titled ‘Portfolio Workshop’. The focus was to teach dental hygienists the specifics associated with creating a Professional Portfolio that meets the requirements of the CDHO. The primary objective of this aspect of Quality Assurance is to protect the public. By ensuring dental hygienists continue to acquire knowledge, develop their skills and practice at, and above the level set in the Standards of Practice, this course gives dental hygienists the tools necessary to understand and track their efforts, to meet the requirements of the CDHO.

Based on feedback from attendees, it became clear that another tool was necessary. One that would help to educate, track, support and record their efforts and would allow dental hygienists to focus their time and energies on actual professional development activities versus the administrative time and effort required to manually find, track, learn and fill out the necessary documentation in the format required.

 Merging both Kathleen and Beth’s ideas, intellect, experience and enthusiasm, rdhportfoliomanager.com was born. A user-friendly, effective and efficient Portfolio Manager, that allows dental hygienists to spend their time growing and learning while ensuring the development goals identified by the regulatory body are well communicated and easily supported. The final result is a completed, appropriate Professional Portfolio.

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